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Seamless texture checker

Click here to open Seamless Texture Checker in a full size new tab/window

I made Seamless texture checker back in 2014 to quickly visually verify the quality of seamless texture on screen when I was working on architectural visualisaions alongside my architectural design work at the time. It makes a difference using custom textures and material for 3D models and rendering in architecture both as visualisation and in the design process. In particular, custom textures of specific bricks as well as the kinds of materials corresponding to the site context from photos and samples.

There are challenges in making tileable textures from photos as well as using seamless textures found online. While the tile and texture maybe technically seamless, sometimes the quality of the repeated pattern does not work very well. Seamless texture checker is made as a quick tool to help check for bands of colour and repetitiveness when we repeat a texture over a large area.

Later I discovered over the years the tool appear to have helped in other fields beyond 3D modelling and texturing. Some examples includes:

I am glad that people find the Seamless Texture Checker useful!

I made several versions of the checker for different use

Seamless Texture Checker
Seamless Texture Checker in a room
Seamless texture check in Isometric

It is also accessible as a plugin on photopea (a web-based online image editor). Search for Seamless Texture Checker under photopea > Window > Plugins > Other Plugins

I have also made a custom version of the checker for Amanda Grace design to quickly test half-drop and half-brick patterns in surface pattern design. (follow link here)

An early version of my seamless texture checker is avaliable on my github repository.

2014.01.26 first online. Tested on Chrome & Firefox
2022.09.29 as a plugin on photopea
2023.03.31 added other ways to load file on mobile device as requested on twitter
2023.04.07 easier drag and drop from Midjourney straight from the upscaled preview
2023.04.09 experimental Seamless Texture Checker in a room
2023.04.26 download as png (within 10000 x 10000).
The output pattern gets rounded to the nearest whole number of tiles you see on screen – outputs a seamless tile if the tile itself is seamless. Changed the layout – more space for the pattern, bigger slider, responsive for (most) small screens.
2023.04.28 experimental Seamless texture check in Isometric
2024.01.01 experimental tiff support (using tiff.js) as requested on X