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graphical relationship script sequencer

This is my attempt to create a graphical relationship script sequencer modeled after Maya DAG node system and Rhino Grasshopper
scripting in comparision would be slower than Maya C++ API or Rhino C#/ SDK, but its a very quick way to test logic and ideas
image shows a study of tracing related nodes from an end node

The idea is that the result of this graph can be sent into Maya or other software that can execute scripts outside the software and Sketchup or other software with web scripting to internal scripting support.

Some updates on progess, on the Maya python/mel side it is found to be quite difficult to communicate between actionscript and python, while as3 can send things into python through either commandport or a python server in a thread, it has some problems recieving multiline results through TCP, some work is needed to reformat the results and send back on a set custom command. AS3 projector is required for socket connections.

On the sketchup side, flash+actionscript3+javascript works well with webdialog in the sketchup API, although there are some problems with the return key not working in flash textfield, and sketchup API not obatining get_element_value(id) from the webdialog. * Without get_element_value and considering the sending limit of the callback I had to use activex to work with files meaning its solely windows-based. Working with file save and load running in the background is a security issue with flash and javascript so its quite difficult to work with local files within the webdialog. * (Update on 20110419: did some more test on webdialog and found the error, I am used to sending javascript command through a href which is clashing with skp:command@param. This is now fixed.)

I am now working on the first prototype of the sketchup edition. The next thing would be to devise a way to work with the sketchup API and to consider the system as to how it would work, i.e. would it update existing geometries (maya) or create new geometry based on existing (grasshopper)

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April 2011